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Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, dedicates its practice to real estate litigation and transactions, with an emphasis on default servicing and litigation. The firm represents financial institutions and private lenders across the country.

The firm’s real estate practice encompasses a genuinely comprehensive variety of issues, including those matters involving:

  • Appellate practice: The commitment to client-focused representation serves the firm’s clients well should the time come to consider the appeal of any case. When the case of a financial institution or private lender hits a wall at the lower level, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, can provide the candid assessment needed to determine if investing in an appeal is justified. Additionally, the firm can prosecute the appeal, drawing on its significant knowledge of strategy gained during the course of its own trial practice.
  • Business litigation: The firm maintains a vigorous business practice in the course of representing financial institutions and private lenders throughout the country.
  • Commercial litigation: Litigation forms a vital component of the firm’s service offerings. By combining insights gained during litigation with those insights gained in the course of representing clients transactionally, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, hits the ground running in commercial cases, providing clients with litigators who understand how business works.
  • Consumer finance litigation: Today’s consumer credit industry is under fierce scrutiny. Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, holds a close familiarity with those issues and incorporates that familiarity into its consumer finance litigation. Further, financial institutions appreciate the firm’s knowledge and command of the mechanics of the consumer credit industry.
  • Creditors’ rights: The firm’s litigation team has performed extensive work for creditors from around the country, both for institutions and private entities. As a result, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, can help its clients understand a full menu of options available in creditors’ matters, including breach of contract and other collections issues.
  • Creditors’ rights in bankruptcy: Despite being a federal law, bankruptcy has its own unique set of rules and local practices that can trip up the unwary practitioner. With Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, clients gain the advantage of a firm that already knows how these matters work. That knowledge saves clients money and time.
  • Default servicing: Default servicing constitutes one of the firm’s foundational practice areas. A firm strength, default servicing provides Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, with the opportunity to protect clients’ rights during one of the most difficult times in America’s economic history. The firm’s command of client remedies and legal strategies means the firm is not learning those principles on client time. Instead of paying to have the law firm train itself in these matters, clients can reap the built-in benefit of the deep knowledge base held by the lawyers with Knuckles and Manfro, LLP.
  • Evictions: To best serve the legal needs of our clients post-foreclosure, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, draws on its knowledge of real estate and landlord-tenant law. The firm’s eye for detail pays special dividends for clients needing compliance down to the letter of the law, many times in highly charged emotional matters such as evictions.
  • Foreclosure – residential and commercial: The firm’s foreclosure practice encompasses both residential and commercial matters. Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, can deliver that breadth of service because of its larger practice base in residential and commercial residential matters generally.
  • Lender liability: The firm draws on its experience in litigation to assist its lender clients in limiting liability at both State and Federal Court. While limiting its clients’ potential exposure to loss, the firm also delivers its services in an economically efficient manner.
  • Loss mitigation/workouts: Knuckles and Manfro, LLP‘s commitment to the economic health of its clients provides it with exceptional motivation when it comes to helping clients involved in loss mitigation and workout efforts. The firm’s unique blend of transactional and litigation experience provides it with the knowledge today’s clients need when managing their asset portfolio through loss mitigation and workouts.
  • Malpractice: As with much of the financial industry, today’s real estate professionals face unprecedented legal scrutiny. Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, continues to assist real estate professionals when they must deal with resolving malpractice issues.
  • Mortgage banking law: The firm’s command of issues affecting financial institutions and private lenders makes it the ideal firm for clients across the country needing representation in matters related to mortgage banking.
  • Residential and commercial real estate closings and transactions: As part of the firm’s larger commitment to protecting its clients’ rights in real estate matters, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, also offers services in closings and transactions. The firm’s practice in this regard extends to both residential and commercial clients.
  • Title disputes: One of the most misunderstood areas of real estate law, title law has caused unnecessary consternation for financial institutions and private lenders across the country. The firm’s command of these issues has helped many number of real estate investors rest easier at night.

The firm’s attorneys bring decades of experience to each real estate matter they handle. Whether clients need representation in litigation or in transactional concerns, they can rely on Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, to deliver effective services.

Those decades of experience also provide the firm’s attorneys with the seasoned legal judgment clients can rely on confidently. That judgment means the firm can advise clients intelligently and wisely even when a case may fall in a gray area or involve an unsettled legal principle.

In doing so, the firm emphasizes its commitment to legal services that are as economically efficient as they are effective. The firm’s lawyers know the pressures faced today by financial institutions and private lenders. With profit margins as thin for clients as ever, Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, knows it can play a role in protecting and even expanding those margins in real estate-related matters.

That commitment to efficiency identifies Knuckles and Manfro, LLP, as one of a new breed of law firms. This contemporary style of firm emphasizes client-focused representation and the lean delivery of legal services. That approach trims the fat previously associated with real estate and collections work at this level.

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